Crack Down on the Shattered Appearance of Your Tile

Crack Down on the Shattered Appearance of Your Tile

Repair cracked or broken tile in New Bedford & Dartmouth, MA and Rhode Island

A small chip can turn into a big problem. Not only does the missing piece make your entire floor look less than impressive, the chip can also become a tripping hazard for anyone who walks across it.

Fortunately, Rapoza's Floor Care is home to the knowledgeable specialist who can make your floors shine like new. Our tile removal &replacement professional has 20 years of experience and is dedicated to making the tile in your home or office perfect.
During your consultation, we’ll come to your residential and commercial property and take into account how:

  • Large your space is
  • Long the job will take
  • Chipped your tiles are

Our specialist will then walk you through the tile rplacement process so you can have confidence in our ability to bring your floors back to life. Call our New Bedford & Dartmouth office at 508-989-7248 for an appointment. 

What do your floors say about you?

Dull linoleum can make potential customers question the professionalism of your business. Chipped tile can bring down the value of your home. Trust Rapoza's Floor Care serving New Bedford & Dartmouth and the surrounding areas to make your floors pristine. 

Schedule a consultation with our floor care specialist by calling today.